Permanent eyeliner styles

Permanent eyeliner treatment has long been one of the top premium salon procedures. In addition to its apparent advantages - durability and the ability to always "be in shape", it offers an almost infinite number of makeup variations for "everyday wear". In addition, an experienced master, with the help of makeup methods and special techniques, can correct the shape of the eyes, make the look more open, hide asymmetry and even eliminate the problem of an overhanging eyelid.


Features eyeliner tattoo

The essence of permanent makeup - the introduction of colouring pigments in the upper layers of the dermis through micro punctures. The skin of the eyelids is created for this procedure. It contains minimal collagen fibres and is considered the most delicate on the human body (its thickness does not exceed one millimetre). Thanks to this feature, the colour is visually refracted here much less than on other parts of the face. The eye area is the only place where pure black pigment does not give unnecessary "blue".

In addition, the skin of the eyelids can boast a good blood supply and, therefore, heals much faster - on average, the rehabilitation period after the procedure lasts no more than five days. In addition, it contains a minimal number of sebaceous glands and is known for its tendency to dryness, which in this case is only to the advantage. But, there are disadvantages: the performance of permanent makeup in this area is often accompanied by the appearance of redness and swelling. However, with proper care, these troubles can be avoided.

Depending on the permanent makeup treatment, it will take two to four procedures, including the final correction, to get a stable result.

Professionally performed permanent eye makeup lasts from five to ten years. However, Permanent Makeup Artists advise not to wait for the complete disappearance of pigment and refresh tattooing in 3-5 years, as soon as it begins to fade. Correction according to the already set contours is the easiest and fastest way to prolong the life of the drawing.

Basic techniques of permanent eye makeup

The simplest and, at the same time, the most popular permanent eye makeup procedures are drawing arrows and colouring the eyelash line. They are preferred by 90% of beauty salon clients. This is a kind of makeup minimum. With the help of traditional cosmetics, you can create more complex decorative makeup.

Inter-eyelash zone

Cosmetic tattoos are performed pointwise along the eyelashes' growth line. It is performed most often with black or brown pigment. Darkening of the eyelash edge makes the eyes more expressive, the look more profound, and also creates the effect of fluffy eyelashes. This is a win-win option for everyone without exception.

Classic arrow

The classic arrow begins with a graceful, thin line at the inner corner of the eye with a complete filling of the lash edge, a prerequisite for a well-made arrow. The classic indicator is an essential line of the hand, which smoothly thickens to the outer corner of the eye and goes to the arrow's tail. Just this tail sets the character of the whole hand (more classic, calm or glamorous, flirtatious, sagging elongated bottom). Length, thickness, angle and colour of the hand are selected by the master, taking into account the client's individuality (facial geometry, location and shape of the eyes, eye colour, eyebrows and skin). In addition, AC, having a cosmetic effect with the help of this procedure, can correct the shape and cut off the eyes, giving them the proper form, visually increasing or decreasing.

Design techniques

The Butterfly

The technique involves the execution of an artistic brush stroke over the entire area of the mobile eyelid. A rich colour palette with soft nuances of shades is combined with graphic-clear lines. This design is especially suitable for clients with an overhanging or "Asian" eyelid. In addition, this technique is often used when overlapping a failed work is necessary.

Arrows with a blush

A variation of the classic arrow, only the outer edge of the hand is made with a blush.
This technique allows us to enlarge the eye and give it an almond shape, avoiding clear directional lines. This technique is also convenient because it can be used as a base before applying decorative cosmetics.

With eyelid extensions, the colour goes from dark to light and gradually fades away. This allows you to get an effect comparable to eyelid colouring with a soft pencil. Nowadays, eyelid growing is a prevalent procedure in permanent eyeliner tattoos.

Coloured arrow

The coloured arrow is a variation of the classic arrow or the arrow with blending when a coloured blending of a black hand is performed. The pigment is selected in the colour of the iris or contrast to it. Also, using the game of colour, you can correct the shape and cut off the eyes.

Glamour arrow

Glamour arrow is made as well as a classic arrow, but the arrow is thickened in the direction of the outer edge. Glamour arrow allows you to correct age-related drooping of the outer corners of the eyes.

Shadow (shadow blending)

Shadow blending is also a prevalent technique of permanent makeup today. Shadow blending allows you to create the effect of soft shadows on the upper eyelids. This procedure can also be used to visually enlarge the eye or correct a heavy look, which is characteristic of those who have the outer corner of the eye hidden by a massive eyelid.

Modern cosmetic tattooing techniques allow you to create a decorative makeup of any complexity. However, it is essential to remember that the more complex the makeup composition, the less universal it is. Say sophisticated evening makeup is unlikely to look appropriate in the summer on the beach. Therefore, you should remember to choose your style of eyeliner version - it will be with you in any situation for several years. It would be best to rely on a few proven author's techniques that offer a well-tested balance between naturalness and decorativeness.

Makeup techniques in permanent eye makeup

Here are some tips to help you choose "your" eyeliner procedures.


  • Do you want to increase the cut of your eyes visually? To do this, you need to lighten the surface of the mobile eyelid and its fold opposite "deepen" with the help of pigments of a darker shade.
  • The problem of overhanging eyelids will perfectly cope with any permanent makeup with extensions. The technique gives the very effect of lifting, without which there is nowhere to go.
  • Bright, shouting colours are contraindicated for bulging eyes. In this case, the ideal variant is an inner lash plus a delicate blending along the upper eyelash edge.
  • Note that the magnifying lenses of glasses accentuate the attention on any makeup errors. In this case, refusing massive arrows and bright colours is better. In turn, mirrors, which are picked up with myopia, visually reduce the eyes, which means that the permanent should be made in a light range. Coloured accents are welcome.
  • Possessors of close-set eyes are ideally suited to permanent makeup, in which the inner part of the eyelid is brightened, and the outer corner is highlighted with dark pigment.
  • Visually reducing the distance between wide-set eyes is done if you slightly "pull" the line of the eyelash edge to the bridge of the nose and then shade the areas of the inner corners of the eyes.
  • To give round eyes the desired almond-shaped form will allow a small sharp arrow and a competent spreading - from the middle of the upper eyelid towards the "tail" of the eyebrow.
  • If the distance between the crease of the mobile eyelid and the eyebrow is small, it is suitable to spread towards the temples. Classic makeup with a rounded shadow shape is forbidden in this case.
  • So-called "sad" eyes (with slightly lowered outer corners) "equalize" with the help of dark "flying" arrows from the middle of the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Brown eyeliner looks good on grey and blue eyes. Brown eyes will advantageously emphasize dark grey, purple and blue colours. Green, in turn, gets along well with makeup in peach, violet and golden-brown shades of warm colours.
  • Permanent makeup for aging skin

    Age is no barrier to permanent makeup. Moreover, some properties of aged skin - loss of elasticity and dryness - even play to your advantage. For example, such dermis retain pigment better and longer. However, the style of makeup is of particular importance here. Any bright, deliberate pattern, such as a voluminous arrow or coloured shadows, will add a few more years to your look. Prefer visage variants with delicate blending, whether monochrome or coloured; it is up to you.

    Permanent Eyeliner

    How the permanent makeup procedure is carried out



    Initial consultation

    At the first meeting, the master and the client discuss all significant aspects of the future procedure, the most important of which is the choice of permanent makeup technique. It is necessary to consider many factors: features of facial structure, skin type, hair colour, age, state of health and many others. Our advice: listen to the recommendations of the master; he is interested in the result as much as you - after all, it is to him you will come in a few years to update the makeup. The number and sequence of procedures are determined depending on the complexity of the chosen makeup.



    On the eve of the first procedure, it is necessary to refuse to take blood-thinning drugs, coffee and alcoholic beverages. Also, for 2-3 days, curl and colour eyelashes are not recommended.


    The main procedure



    Before the beginning of the procedure, the specialist will draw lines and marks on the skin of the eyelids - this is a sketch of your future visage. It marks the zones of colour transitions, changes in techniques, etc. The more decorative makeup you choose, the more complex the drawing.


    Local anaesthesia

    In the eyelid area, anaesthetic creams are used, which are applied immediately before the procedure. One application of anaesthetic works for about 30-40 minutes. Sometimes, the treated area is covered with an occlusive bandage film.



    Introduction of pigments

    Permanent eye makeup can hardly be called an express procedure. As a rule, it is a story with continuation.

    One procedure lasts from forty minutes to an hour and a half. Depending on the complexity of the makeup, such sessions may need from 2 to 5, with breaks of two to three weeks. Some techniques involve carrying pigments of different shades in stages. Therefore, you need to be prepared that the result you expect will manifest only after completing the entire cycle of work. Reddening of the skin, swelling and crusting should not scare you; it is a natural skin reaction.


    Post-procedural care

    No matter how complicated the permanent makeup was, special home care was a mandatory programme point. It should be applied to the eyelids for two days after the procedure. It will reduce inflammation and swelling.

    Cool compresses will not hurt. Softening pharmacy creams (for example, "Bipanten") are also in business. The crust formed from damage to the epidermis should come off independently - do not help it.



    It is carried out a month after the completion of all work. When the skin has fully recovered, it is possible to assess the result obtained. During the session, the master brings the makeup "to mind" - correcting flaws and working with nuances of shades and shapes. This is especially true when it comes to creative art techniques.