Lip tattoo Melbourne

A lip tattoo is a procedure where colour pigments are inserted into the lips using tattooing needles, which can be for tattoo art or permanent makeup.

Lip Melbourne

Think about getting a lip tattoo

Cosmetic lip tattooing, commonly known as permanent makeup, is a way for women to enhance their lip colour and achieve more defined, even, and fuller lips. Aging can cause lips to lose fullness, colour, and definition. Still, a permanent or semi-permanent lip tattoo can help overcome these changes and be a cosmetic lip enhancement option.

Permanent lip tattooing can enhance the size and shape of lips, providing a longer-lasting result compared to lip augmentation with dermal fillers. Getting a lip tattoo Melbourne done first for those considering injectables can create a beautiful contour and provide guidelines for the injector.



  • Achieve a more refreshed appearance.
  • Adjust lip asymmetry and enhance lip border definition.
  • You can choose a lipstick shade that closely matches your favourite colour or go for a natural shade to create the illusion of fuller lips, eliminating the need for frequent reapplication.


Pre-care instructions 


  • Please avoid taking blood thinners, fish oil, vitamin E, caffeine, and alcohol for 24 hours.
  • Refrain from any eyebrow grooming methods such as picking, tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, shaving, threading, or tinting for one week before the procedure.
  • Refraining from receiving facials, IPL, laser treatments, botox, or fillers for two weeks is recommended.
  • An individual with allergies is encouraged to inform their therapist. Schedule a complimentary consultation and patch test.
  • To prevent cold sores after lip tattooing, take LYSINE tablets for three days.


 Instructions for post-care

  • Avoid hot or citrusy drinks and spicy food for the next 4 hours.
  • Some pain and swelling may occur post-treatment. Use a cold compress at home to relieve discomfort.
  • To prevent cold sores, consider using creams like Paw Paw or Bepanthan, taking Lysine tablets, and applying Zovirax Cream. Ice can also help alleviate symptoms.
  • After each application, clean the area with a damp cotton pad or baby wipes.


Various lip tattoo treatments

Lip line tattoo 

The cosmetic lip line tattoo can enhance the lips by defining the lip contour and correcting light asymmetries. Combining this treatment with a lip blend or full lip tattoo Melbourne is often recommended for a more natural appearance.

Lip liner and blend tattoos 

This cosmetic lip tattoo offers a more modern approach to the traditional lip line tattoo, consisting of a lip liner that smoothly transitions into your natural lip colour for a subtle yet effective result. The technique creates a fuller look to the lips while correcting any asymmetries.

Full Cosmetic Lip Tattoo or a Lip Blush

The whole lip blush tattoo technique can create a natural look on your lips by mimicking either a perfect lipstick application or a natural lip tone. You can choose between a subtle or more dramatic appearance.

These treatments offer long-lasting and fuller-looking lips without the need for lip fillers. Lip tints that complement your natural skin tone or match your favourite lipstick can be selected. Additionally, the lip tint tattoo can help to lighten hyperpigmented lips and provide a nude colour for a natural correction of dark lips.

To maintain a perfect lip colour, apply gloss or layer any coloured lipstick on your lip tattoo. Multiple lip tattooing sessions may be necessary for a solid or bright tone to achieve the desired intensity.

Lip Tattoo Melbourne

We do lip tattooing at our salon

Join us to achieve the results you want

We strive for perfection and will not start until you are delighted with the shape. Before beginning, we use precision like a makeup artist and draw on a lip tattoo as a preview. We encourage you to smile and try different facial expressions. We will make adjustments until you see your ideal lips in the mirror.

Pump up the volume

Enhance the appearance of your lips with a lip line and blend or full lip cosmetic tattoo treatment. Unlike injections or fillers, cosmetic tattooing adds definition without necessarily increasing lip size, resulting in a balanced look that complements your natural facial features.

Restore colour

Enhance your natural lip colour with a more vibrant or nude shade for lasting treatment. Opt for a shade slightly darker than your natural colour for a customized look that complements your skin tone.

Add depth

Our technique involves blending colours to match your natural lip hue and applying them using an ombre technique for a more natural and fuller look, avoiding a stark outline.

Correct ageing lips

As we get older, our lips can lose natural pigment and definition. Lip tattooing can help restore colour and shape, giving the illusion of fuller and happier lips. This procedure can define a flattened cupid's bow and improve the overall appearance of the lips.

Pain-free and safe

Our tattoo process uses mineral-based inks that are natural and gentle, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Additionally, we apply two topical anaesthetics to minimize discomfort during the procedure, making it a relatively painless experience compared to traditional tattoos.


Our lip tattoos have a longer lifespan of three to five years, whereas lip blush typically lasts one and a half to two years. Fillers, on the other hand, require topping up every six months.