Combination brows healing process

One of the most critical areas on the face of every beautiful woman is the eyebrows. It is no secret that they require special attention and a thorough approach. Being well-groomed, eyebrows cancan emphasise fantastic makeup and qualitatively transform facial features. That is why the technology of permanent tattooing is gaining popularity every day. With its help, you can quickly get attractive facial outlines simultaneously without wasting time on makeup and saving money on cosmetics. One of the popular types of permanent makeup is Combination brows tattooing.


Combination brows tattooing: peculiarities of the technique and its advantages.

Today, various types of permanent makeup with distinct features aim for durable and desirable results. The combo brow procedure, specifically the 3D tattooing, stands out among these. It can be dubbed the most effective technique of permanent makeup, merging the essence of the combo brows healing process and combo brows - microblading. This procedure implies a fundamentally high qualification for the brow technician or brow tattooist because it is a microblading and powder-spraying symbiosis. The ratio of techniques and which will dominate will be determined after the client voices their wishes about the brow tattoo style.

  • the incredibly realistic volume of eyebrows;
  • ideal correction of bends and shapes;
  • will help to effectively and beautifully hide scars, scars or individual flaws;
  • will qualitatively highlight the eyebrows in your image, making them as natural and natural as possible;
  • significant saving of time and money on makeup;
  • persistence and clarity of shapes for a long time.

It is worth noting that the price of 3D eyebrow tattooing is more than acceptable and does not differ much from the prices of other techniques. But at the exact time, imitation of natural eyebrows is so plausible that even at a close distance, it is almost impossible to determine whether they are real or the effect of pigmentation.

If other permanent makeup techniques have a narrowly focused appearance transformation, 3D eyebrow tattooing is a high-quality complex solution. It will be an excellent choice for owners of light or sparse eyebrows and give a marvellous look in case of hair loss. It will also be a great solution to change the shape, outline, density and saturation. Symbiosis of powder spraying and microblading will qualitatively recreate the natural look of eyebrows. A wide range of possibilities can make them more vivid, expressive and spectacular or subtle and delicate.

How long does a 3D tattoo session last?

The whole process takes no more than two hours. First, the master listens to all your wishes and, based on the information received, understands what shape should be given to the eyebrows to look natural and harmonious. A preliminary sketch of the future tattooing is applied, and the pigment is chosen. After agreeing on all the critical nuances of the area of the eyebrows is treated with an anaesthetic. Thus, the procedure will not cause the slightest discomfort.

When the master finishes the work, properly caring for tattooing will be essential. Following all the recommendations can accelerate the skin's healing process and consolidate the result obtained.

Aftercare and recovery

The result obtained immediately after the procedure may be far from ideal, but this is no reason to be frightened or disappointed. After rehabilitation, the eyebrows will acquire the desired naturalness and look more harmonious and stylish. And to speed up the approach of this moment, you should listen to the fundamental recommendations relevant to the rehabilitation period:


  • Postpone visits to the solarium and walks on a sunny day until better times - for the first week, it is better to protect your eyebrows from ultraviolet light. And afterwards, do not overuse sunbathing without SPF cosmetics - many pigments can fade and dull under UV rays. However, it is better to clarify this point with your master because increased UW-resistance characterises some colouring compositions. For example, tattoos made with Perma Blend pigments will remain saturated regardless of the degree of tanning - professional pieces are insensitive to ultraviolet light's effects.
  • Refrain from using decorative cosmetics and cosmetological and spa procedures until full recovery; protecting your skin from interference is better.
  • As protective and regenerating means, use compositions with panthenol, high content of vitamins and moisturising components - such a combination will ensure rapid recovery of the dermis after the intervention.
  • If trim crusts appear between the hairs, never remove them - this can traumatise the skin and negatively affect the healing process.

Following these simple rules, after 5-7 days, you will admire the reference shape, fullness and volume of eyebrows. And after 3-4 weeks, you can bring them to absolute perfection, eliminating possible roughness during correction.


On average, the healing process takes one month: 7 days for the crust to form and come off, and the pigment is visible in the skin the rest of the time.
Immediately after the crust has gone, the colour will look lighter; this is normal, do not panic that the pigment has not taken root or is too weak. You will be able to assess the result a month after the procedure.

Eyebrow Tattooing

The healing process is different for everyone, as it is related to the body's immune response to the introduction of paint under the skin. Some have more residue, others have less, as the body pushes out the colour as a foreign body. On average, 80% of the stain remains.

A month after the procedure, you evaluate the result, and if correction is necessary, sign up for 45-90 days after the process. If you are under 30, punishment can be done after 45 days; if you are older, the period increases. The formula used to calculate the period of tissue regeneration: age + 10 = in so many days you need to come for correction.

Proper tattoo aftercare is 50% of the success of a gorgeous result.